Our Story
Nayi Villa
Nayi Villa sits on a 6 acre farm right adjacent to Jiaoxi River and Orchid Stream, nestled in the valley of the Jiaoxi Experiential Forest. Much of the surrounding natural sites are still in the original state, offering the most innate experience.

Nayi Villa was formally a private retreat for cram school teachers. It then grew into a popular campsite for nature goers. Early this year the management team went a step further and turned the place into a fabulous glamping site offer 2 lodges and 18 glamp tents. Lodges and tents are both fitted with bathroom facilities, offering supreme comfort and luxury camping experience. The villa also has dinning house offering restaurant and beverage services.

There's plenty to do at Nayi Villa. You can plan a 30 minutes to 3 hours hiking trip at the nearby Yilan Experiential Forest mountain trail. Once you reach the top a breathing taking view of the Yilan Vally awaits you. Also you will get a rare peek a the Orhid waterwall nestled in the forest. Aside from hiking, you can also take a bike ride along the Jaioxi River bank and emerge yourself in the vast of the valley and watch the change of lights and time. The site was also nicknamed "Butterfly Vally". Through late spring to late fall a field of colorful butterflies awaits you. In late spring and early summer you can also take a night trip along the river bank to watch the fireflies.